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Our Story started in 2017 when I started forging my first ever knife. 

Since i work as a teacher in the mechanical engineering field. After a little push from a friend to keep up the work. I started fabricating the first model. For most models we use the stockremoval method. 


All our knives are milled to precision and ground flat, then polished with greatest care.  

We have tried and tested over 25 different steels and came up with the best toughness to sharpness ratio. Although we work with every steel. Mostly we work with AEB-L and all different "Damasteel" variations. 

I wanted to shape a knife that has the perfect shape for deerstalking. So our flagship knife was born. It was a knife that was designed from the application point of view, the gralloch and skinning. Mostly for the UK. 

I started to build my workshop at home. We have been adding machines until this very day. Going from my mechanical expertise i'm looking to makes as much pieces on industrial CNC machines for bespoke work. 

For bespoke work we tend to use different techniques going from hand fabricating to fully automated machining. 

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